Indiana University

Recommendation 4

Indiana University should continue to practice responsible stewardship of all financial resources devoted to information technology across the university by providing transparency and accountability in support of wise decision-making.

  • UITS should continue its successful reporting practices, including the annual Activity-based Costing report on the cost of each IT service, findings from User Satisfaction Surveys of IT quality, and reporting on explicit uses of Student Technology Fees. Reports should continue to be made openly available to the IU community and other stakeholders.

    Implementation Plan: 14
  • Academic and administrative units should implement clear accounting processes and reporting for IT expenditures for hardware, software, staff, and services. Uses of any student fees for technology or specific course technology fees should be clearly identified and transparently reported.

    Implementation Plan: Under development
  • OVPIT should continue to lead and expand its efforts to effectively partner with academic units, campuses, administrative units, or individual investigators for external funding opportunities.

    Implementation Plan: 16, 16a, 16b, 16c, 16d