Indiana University

Recommendation 15

While Indiana University should advance IT-enabled research across all disciplines, it should also focus on a few highly promising opportunities for which it has a skills, knowledge, and reputational advantage to push the frontiers of IT-enabled research and scholarship.

  • IU should purposefully select areas of great and timely promise for strategic development of IT-enabled research, scholarship, and/or creative activity.

    Implementation Plan: 70, 70a, 70b, 70c, 70d, 70e
  • IU should identify a base of resources to provide both initial and sustained investments in selected areas for IT-enabled research, scholarship, and/or creative activity. This may include reallocating current resources and developing new ones, including endowments, grants, and/or additional fees.

    Implementation Plan: 71
  • IU should carefully assess new skills that are necessary to advance promising opportunities as research becomes more IT-intensive. Campus, school, and departmental leaders should help to target some strategic hiring to supply or augment expertise for advanced, IT-enabled research and creative activity.

    Implementation Plan: 72