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The input of the university community helped drive the development of Empowering People. We value your continued input.

This web site is designed to make ongoing IT planning transparent, and to invite your comments and questions on initiatives that interest you.

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  • Learn about specific plans for new IT resources and services
  • Stay current with EP-related events that provide opportunities for engaging with the university’s IT planning process, including focus groups, webinars, town halls, presentations, discussions, podcasts, infoshares, and usability tests.
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Empowering People is IU’s comprehensive strategic plan for information technology. Designed to be visionary, realistic, and relevant to the mission of Indiana University, it will achieve efficiencies in IT resources while enabling greater productivity for faculty, staff, and students. Over the next five years it will build on IU’s IT established infrastructure, work to develop a more human-centric approach to IT, and address grand challenges for IU in the use of IT.

The first draft was developed by more than 140 members of the university community, then reviewed by a wider university population, and adapted into its final form based on the input gathered in forums, discussions, town halls, and comments received in email.

The IU community and other stakeholders took part in developing the plan. With this web site, we invite you to stay engaged with IT strategic planning for IU, as we move forward with implementing the plan.

Empowering People comprises 12 general Recommendations and 72 Action Items. The latter specify the initiatives and activities associated with meeting the plan’s Recommendations.

Each Action Item will have an implementation plan that describes the projects and initiatives that go into completing that Action.

Empowering People (EP) charts a course for developing IT over the next five or more years. When the plan was developed, some of its initiatives were already underway, some were planned for near-term implementation, and others will be put in place over the course of some years. In a broad sense, though, all UITS activities address some part of Empowering People.

The plan provides for the evolution of IT at IU. For that reason, the pace of implementation will vary among its Action Items. Some implementation plans are still to be developed. However, discussion and work on all initiatives in Empowering People has been underway for some time.

These are some of the factors that affect the pace of implementation.

  • As a long-term plan, EP is evolutionary by design.
  • The plan is far-reaching over a number of years.
  • Some initiatives (and implementation plans) depend on technologies that are not yet implemented at IU or that are still in the development stage.
  • Some implementation plans have dependencies with other Action Items or implementation plans. In other words, advances in other areas are required before action can begin.

    For example:
    • IU is waiting for a fundamental technology to mature.
    • IU is building a partnership with other universities that is key to implementation.
  • Some initiatives are so long-range that planning is still in its earliest stages. This is especially true of the Action Items in the visionary and far-reaching “Grand Challenges” section of the plan – those related to Recommendations 12-15. These may rely on new technologies under development, or may involve building, strengthening, and leveraging relationships with other entities in research, academe, or industry. Implementation plans will be added to this site as they are developed.


An aspirational vision for faculty and scholarly excellence helped establish goals for Empowering People (EP).

For faculty, Empowering People maps a plan for providing abundant and sophisticated IT tools that enhance and advance — not encumber — teaching, learning, research, creative activity, and administrative work. Specific areas include:

    Expanded range of specialized tools that augment work in various academic disciplines, and systems [A 1, 2]
  • Support for the tools that enable remote collaboration. [A 9, 10]
  • Augmented foundation of standard teaching/learning hardware, software.
  • A human-centered approach to developing and implementing IT systems and applications [A 25]
  • Support and training that enables use without diverting time and effort from fundamental Activities. [A 26]
  • News of current and planned technological developments. [A 27]
Scholarly publication
  • Leading in support for potential new models (with partners) of scholarly publication and dissemination that reassert control over the scholarly record [R 12].
  • Investigation of fiscally sustainable models for producing, disseminating, and preserving the scholarly record [A 49]
  • Systems and services that enable researchers to provide institutional deposit copies of scholarly works in any media format [A 51]
  • Investigation of models of scholarly communication that could allow for lower-cost and enriched materials in the role that textbooks currently fill [A 53]
IT-enhanced learning
  • Professional development opportunities, support, and tools that improve instruction and learning [A 54]
  • Innovation in IT-enabled teaching and learning to include informal learning spaces [A 55]
  • Resources, support, and incentives that encourage production of innovative digital instructional materials [A 56]
  • Expanded support for distributed education environments [A 57]
  • Applications for managing feedback to students [A 58]
  • Implementation and support for portable devices that allow student-instructor communication via voice, audio, or text [A 59].
Accelerating IT-intensive research & scholarship
  • Resources focusing on a few discipline areas in which IU shows leadership, in order to push the frontier of IT-enabled research and scholarship. [R 14]


Empowering People (EP) provides an enriched IT environment of tools and resources for enabling student success. These include an infrastructure of productivity tools and network services essential to student work, and ubiquitous network access regardless of location and device. Students will have abundant and varied opportunities to learn new tools and apply them to managing all aspects of university life, and to deepen their understanding of responsible cybercitizenship. An aspirational vision for student success helped establish EP goals and diRt progress.

Specific initiatives include:

  • A program of student ambassadors who will help represent student perspectives and feedback on UITS services [R 10, A 43]
  • Opportunities to learn new IT tools and their role in academic and campus life, and to advance understanding of responsible computing practices [A 44]
  • Technologies and support for systems that help students make choices in such areas as course selection and financial planning [A 45]
  • Systems for organizing and managing time, including calendaring, and Aivity tracking [A 46]
  • Communications tailored to user preference that build student awareness of IT resources, use best practices, and issues of intellectual property [A 47]
  • Software and systems for scheduling and course management that enable flexible learning units [A 48]

Staff/IU community

For IU staff and the IU community, Empowering People (EP) provides for abundance in the IT tools essential in conducting university business. User-friendly interfaces will make them easier to use. As those tools evolve, IU will have access to abundant information, training, and learning opportunities that accommodate multiple reading and learning preferences. University data will be easier to find and use in decision-making, financial analysis, grant preparation, report writing, and other areas of university business. An aspirational vision for supporting the IU community helped establish goals and diRt progress.

Specific initiatives include:

  • Telecollaboration systems that support seamless communication and collaboration. [R 3]
  • A secure and resilient information and infrastructure environment that protects data security, privacy, and integrity, and an expanded program of education about responsible use. [R 5]
  • Advanced systems of communication, support, and skills acquisition that accommodate a variety of user preferences and learning styles, to optimize productivity. [R 8]
  • Data utilities that allow the IU community and authorized collaborators convenient access to administrative and research data, teaching and learning resources, and multimedia scholarly life. [R 9]