Indiana University

Recommendation 13

Indiana University, through work with its partners, should pioneer research, development, and application of information technology to health care delivery and education to improve human health.

  • IU should develop policies, systems, and approaches with Clarian Health, the Regenstrief Institute, the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Wishard Hospital, and its other partners to simplify matters of identity management, authentication, and authorization as staff move among facilities and IT systems to conduct research and health care delivery.

    Implementation Plan: 58
  • IU should develop rigorous policies and procedures to ensure that confidential health information, the most sensitive of all personal information, is reliably protected during transport, while in use, and at rest in storage

    Implementation Plan: 59
  • IU should develop approaches to ensure that the business of patient care can continue under any condition by providing both IT staff and technology resources that are available 24/7.

    Implementation Plan: 60
  • IU should assertively engage with and through its partners to provide both the infrastructure and the services necessary to support the advancement of innovative activities, including access to electronic health records via health information exchange networks, telehealth consult services to underserved communities, and the education of our health sciences students.

    Implementation Plan: Under development
  • IU and Clarian should assess and implement shared services where one can be an efficient provider to the other of network management, computation, call center, or other services that have natural integration points across both organizations.

    Implementation Plan: Under development
  • IU should continue to develop innovative approaches to health and life sciences education using advanced IT applications in classroom, clinical, and distance environments, and through creative partnerships with Indiana institutions.

    Implementation Plan: Under development