Indiana University

Recommendation 8

Indiana University should implement a variety of approaches to IT education, skills acquisition, support, and communication that enable any willing learner to efficiently acquire desired IT skills.

  • IU should develop innovative programs that consider user preferences and learning styles to advance the skills of faculty, staff, and students to use IT resources. Programs should be suited to varying skill levels and modalities for delivery including delivery on demand.

    Implementation Plan: 26, 26a, 26b, 26c, IT Training Survey
  • IU should continue to pioneer and provision effective means of user support through advanced tools for self-service and connection to IU experts to help faculty, staff, and students effectively use IT. IU should continue its work as a support infrastructure provider for national research projects and services.

    Implementation Plan: 27, 27a, 27b, 27c, 27d
  • IU should develop a process to effectively communicate timely news regarding existing services, upgrades, and new IT capabilities that can be targeted to appropriate constituencies via user-controlled preferences.

    Implementation Plan: 28
  • UITS should expand its formal and informal engagements with the IU community to ensure continuous, timely dialogue, and flow of information to effectively adapt IT services to user needs.

    Implementation Plan: 29, 29a, 29b, 29c