Indiana University

Recommendation 3

Indiana University should provide systems and connections to devices that support communication in a variety of forms — text, voice, audio, images, video, chat, virtual presence - to overcome the productivity challenges of location.

  • IU should continue to evaluate, provide, and support technologies that promote efficient, seamless communication and promote effective collaboration within and beyond IU.

    Implementation Plan: 11
  • IU should provide a reliable, widely available infrastructure of next generation telecollaboration systems that simulate virtual presence via high-quality video and audio with reduced latency while ensuring simplicity of setup and operation.

    Implementation Plan: 12
  • IU should implement a comprehensive, integrated university-wide web presence by providing common tools for site creation and maintenance, developing policies that promote best practices, and ensuring useful navigation and search for internal and external users.

    Implementation Plan: 13, 13a, 13b, 13c, 13d, 13e