Indiana University

Recommendation 14

Indiana University should provide faculty and instructional staff with excellent professional development opportunities, professional support, effective digital tools, and instructional facilities that can help improve instruction and learning outcomes.

  • IU should provide resources and support for experimentation with and implementation of a range of creative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning, including state-of-the-art instructional technology in conventional classrooms, IT-equipped informal learning spaces, and spaces specially designed to accommodate varying instructional approaches.

    Implementation Plan: 64
  • IU should explicitly include consideration of IT-enabled teaching and learning innovations - such as informal learning spaces - that extend beyond replicating conventional classrooms and laboratories in the design of new and remodeled physical facilities that will likely include student uses on all IU campuses.

    Implementation Plan: 65
  • IU should provide faculty with the resources, support, and appropriate incentives to produce innovative digital instructional materials, educational resources, simulations, and educational games for use by students working alone or in teams, and for resident-based, and distance learning situations. Systematic processes should be developed for identifying ideas, designing experimental applications, disseminating results, and implementing new IT solutions to support instruction.

    Implementation Plan: 66
  • IU should increase support for distributed education environments that enable IU faculty to effectively and efficiently conduct classes using distance technologies with ease of use for integrating instructional resources, flexibility, and support for a variety of pedagogical approaches.

    Implementation Plan: 67
  • IU should provide technology applications as part of an integrated learning environment with instructional support services available to manage both near and long-term term feedback to students on their performance in courses and programs or on their skill or achievement levels for purposes of future course choices or placement.The systems should have suitable protections for individual privacy and also enable institutional metrics for obtaining evidence of progress.

    Implementation Plan: 68
  • IU should evaluate, implement, and support appropriate compact, portable devices that connect students and instructors in ways that enable lean or rich communication, collaboration, and interaction using voice, audio, text, and video.

    Implementation Plan: 69