Indiana University

Recommendation 12

Indiana University should pursue a position of leadership in the development (with partners) of new, sustainable models for scholarly publication, dissemination, and curation that enable scholars — and their collective communities — to re-assert control over rights to the scholarly record and its institutional preservation.

  • IU, through its faculty, librarians, and administrative offices, should boldly assess potential new models to support the production, dissemination, curation, and preservation of the scholarly record within a fiscally sustainable approach that expresses IU values.

    Implementation Plan: 53
  • IU should rigorously explore collaborative approaches with other universities and organizations to create and sustain effective models for scholarly communications.

    Implementation Plan: 54
  • IU should provision robust systems and services that enable researchers to easily provide an institutional deposit copy of any scholarly work in any media format.

    Implementation Plan: 55
  • IU and individual researchers should press for an evolution of win-win publication agreements and conditions for copyright use that enable institutional preservation of the works of IU scholars.

    Implementation Plan: Under development
  • IU should assess whether university and collaboratively owned (or contracted) infrastructure for scholarly communications could also provide a means for lower costs and better materials for the current role of traditional textbooks. If so, this resource should also be engaged to help mitigate the high costs of textbooks.

    Implementation Plan: 57