Indiana University

Recommendation 10

Indiana University should develop student-centric IT applications and systems that can contribute to student success through support of academics, administrative tasks, and student life.

  • IU should continue to establish and maintain ongoing, formal relationships with students and student groups who can serve as liaisons to the IT organization.

    Implementation Plan: 43
  • IU should support the creation of learning experiences that attract and engage IT-savvy students. In addition to promoting participatory learning, these experiences can also serve to help students develop IT behaviors that are academically, legally, and socially responsible.

    Implementation Plan: 44
  • IU should develop support capabilities to help students make choices about essential tasks, such as financial aid planning and course selection. An integrated system should enable easy navigation of relevant data sources for choosing classes, with support for modeling class schedule scenarios and access to advising. The system should have a human-centric, easy-to-use interface to assess alternate scenarios and options.

    Implementation Plan: 45
  • IU should provide and support technology that enables students to effectively manage their time and track their participation in campus activities and clubs through calendaring systems, automated reminders, and/or other personal productivity applications.

    Implementation Plan: 46
  • IU should accelerate its communication programs that help students understand the potential and limitations of information technology, highlight new technologies and uses, promote effective and efficient use practices, and recommend practices for protecting intellectual privacy and property.

    Implementation Plan: 47
  • Software and systems applications for scheduling, course management, and other teaching-related activities supported by IT should enable flexible learning units of variable schedules, meeting times, credit, and prerequisite structures.

    Implementation Plan: 48